Developing The Strategic Plan of Jordan Green Building Council for the Year 2021-2023

Jordan Green Building Council and the Regional President of the WorldGBC in the Middle East and North Africa, Mr. Muhammad Asfour, conducted two virtual sessions during the month of September 2020 for all stakeholders, including members, partners, former members, employees, and trainees. Discussing the new strategy of Jordan GBC for the year 2021-2023. In the first session, the history of the Jordan GBC 's achievements over the past 11 years were discussed, and the previous strategies of the Council and the tools used in their implementation were looked at. During the session, the strategy of the World Building Council was discussed Green Building Council (WorldGBC) associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to benefit from in developing the new strategy of Jordan GBC. During the session, survey questions were asked to the attendees with the aim of developing the council’s strategy and determining its future priorities. In the second session, the existing projects and programs were discussed, and the vision, mission and values within the new strategy of the council were defined, and the main axes on which the work and projects of Jordan GBC are based were developed.