The Jordan Green Building Council launched an awareness campaign in conjunction with the Solid Waste Management Competition, which was launched in July In cooperation with the French Embassy and Platinum member of Jordan GBC Orange Jordan For students of university members in Jordan Green Building Council, and in this campaign, how and the importance of solid waste management and the concept of the waste in general and solid waste in particular were identified in addition to the concept of solid waste management.

During the campaign, the hierarchy of the solid waste management operations was introduced which has become a widely accepted indicative method for the solid waste management operations around the world, to facilitate the various operations of waste management, which includes the protection or prevent the formation of the waste in the first place which is the best option followed by ready to reuse, then recycling, then remediation followed by the last option which is the most environmentally damaging which is throwing waste in landfills.

Waste classification was also defined according to a group of factors such as its origin, components, risk percentage, or how to treat it. And it includes Classification of biodegradable waste, agricultural waste and oversized waste, construction and demolition waste, mining waste and hazardous waste, sludge waste from wastewater treatment, healthcare waste and finally recyclable waste.

At the end of the campaign, the council launched the #WasteLessWednesday challenge On social media platforms with an open invitation to all to participate and to enhance the educational role at the level of individuals and institutions, through taking a video or photo of the correct practices they are doing when dealing with waste at home, at work, or at university, and then we shared it Through the council's Facebook and Instagram platforms.