The National Network for Green Entrepreneurship

Description of the Project:

In partnership with the SWITCHMED Mediterranean Basin Initiative and funded by the European Union, and in cooperation with the Center for Business Development, the Jordan Green Building Council launched the platform of the National Green Entrepreneurship Network.

The platform aims to create and provide a suitable environment for green entrepreneurship, and enhance eco-friendly businesses and green jobs, in order to improve the base that supports the prosperity of entrepreneurs and companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, by providing necessary trainings and supporting opportunities with the leading institutions and companies in the field of green economy, as well as providing businesses with all the legal, financial, technical consultations needed and guidance to many incubated projects. The network also aims to create the space to enhance the channels of communication between the green business owners and the concerned investors.


Funding Body:

  • Europe Union

Project Duration:

  • January 2022- ongoing

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