Solid Waste Management Centre of Excellence

Description of the Project:

Jordan GBC facilitated the development of a comprehensive, integrated training of solid waste management that helps enhance professionalism and capabilities of professionals by introducing new international certification targeting an intact sector; achieving the highest standards of excellence for practice, competence and conduct in waste management.

The long-term objective of the project was to make Jordan GBC the local solid waste management center of excellence which aims on bridging the gap between the market’s needs and the job skills available at the solid waste sector, which will create synergy, and coordinate ongoing activities and programs in the field of solid waste management in Jordan and within the region.

In collaboration with International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), Jordan GBC had established the 1st center of excellence for the solid waste management in Jordan and trained about 250 experts through the different training courses and awareness sessions. Where the training was held with about 20 international and advanced trainers.

Funding Body:

  • Embassy of Netherlands

Project Duration:

  • August 2015 – July 2017