Civil Society Engagement through Communal Waste Management Schemes


Description of the Project:

Jordan GBC launched a pilot project with the support of Embassy of Netherlands to introduce a sorting and collecting solid waste management scheme in a neighborhood in Amman, Jordan. Waste containers were distributed in selected locations across the neighborhood. The project aims to engage stakeholders and civic society as active champions in their communities. By engaging the local community and raising awareness through training and public participation, the project aimed to ultimately result in a reduced impact on the environment, an instilled sense of responsibility and ownership, and the empowerment of individuals and stakeholder entities as active citizens.

During the project Jordan GBC was the leading entity and project organizer, where Jordan GBC reached out and communicated with the local community through CBO’s and youth centers in the neighborhood, by preparing a stakeholder engagement plan and carry it out. Prepare plans and messages for project its components, and its beneficiaries. Design and deliver awareness content to beneficiaries from the neighborhood. Overseeing, documenting, and evaluating project. Also, it was Jordan GBC responsibility to provide project reports and feedback to different aspects and components to meet project objectives.

Funding Body:

  • Embassy of Netherlands

Project Duration:

  • August 2015 – July 2017

Dawerha Informative