Eco Cities of the Mediterranean

Description of the Project:

The Eco-Cities of the Mediterranean Forum aims to raise awareness, share experience and information on best practices, and identify investment and technology transfer opportunities in the environmental sector.

During the planning conference, participants illustrated the importance of the challenges still facing municipalities of the region. Although water and waste management emerged as the key topics, other cross-cutting issues such as energy and financing were also identified.

These were incorporated into the discussions to ensure that the Forum responds to the most urgent environmental challenges faced by the region. Several institutions and organizations expressed their interest and commitment to the forum and were invited to take an active role during the event.

Ministers, Mayors, members of local authorities, service suppliers, intermediary and non-governmental organizations participated in this rich exchange of ideas, information, and experiences, while networking with the leaders and experts in this field.

More than 450 practitioners from the region and worldwide attended this valuable Forum. The Forum also included an exhibition for service and technology suppliers to showcase their latest services, products, and state of the art developments in the environmental field.


Funding Body:

  • United Nations Development Program - UNDP

Project Duration:

  • September 2014 – December 2014