EDGE Expert Technical training

Duration: 1 day – 8 hours

The training teaches the EDGE Expert Candidate about the EDGE standard, the EDGE software application, and how to navigate the certification process and prepares them to successfully pass the EDGE Exam. At the individual level, becoming an EDGE Expert results in greater knowledge, career growth and an opportunity to promote your work. At the firm level, credentialing your team helps to up-skill your practice while attracting and retaining fresh talent.

Candidates looking to gain EDGE Expert accreditation will receive all the materials they need at the training and will gain access to the code needed to register for the exam.

EDGE Experts are professionals who direct the clients toward green highperformance designs. They help developers, owners and larger project teams understand the EDGE standard, software, and certification system. EDGE Experts encourage the construction sector to design and build green by serving as trusted and experienced advisers. They bring their skills, insights and thorough understanding of the EDGE software to install confidence that a project is certifiably green.


Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an overview of EDGE and the certification process.
  • Learn how to complete a self-assessment using the EDGE Software.
  • Understand how energy, water, and materials efficiency strategies impact cost, savings and building performance.
  • Learn best practices around bringing EDGE to the market.