Energy Efficient HVAC Design Duration

Duration: 2 days – 14 hours

Identifying the growing need for Energy Efficiency, and since HVAC systems are considered among the most energy consumers in buildings, it is essential that engineers start from the early stages of the design to obtain an energy-efficient approach while designing the HVAC system without compromising comfort.


Learning Objectives:

  • To identify the main fundamentals of the HVAC Engineering.
  • To explain the heat losses & gains of the buildings and the building envelopes, and to calculate the heating and cooling loads.
  • To give an overview about the refrigeration cycle and describe the main components of the cycle and their types.
  • To give the basic knowledge about the psychometric chart and understanding the properties that can be found on it.
  • To develop the understanding of the Air Conditioning systems classifications.
  • To describe the main HVAC systems types (Variable Refrigerant Flow, Chillers, Air Handling Units.