Water Use Efficiency in Building

Duration: 2 days – 14 hours

This two-day training course is intended for engineers, scientists, and professionals with interest in practicing and promoting a sustainable way of living. Water use efficiency is critical to better sustain precious global and local water resources. As a concept, water use efficiency differs from water conservation in that instead of focusing on reducing the use of water, which is the case in typical water conservation scheme, water use efficiency focuses on reducing waste in water. This involves, but is not limited to, using more efficient products to reduce water waste.

Water use efficiency can be implemented to all water uses; domestic, industrial, and agricultural levels. By the end of this training, trainees will be having a better understanding of the overall water challenge, both locally and internationally as well as means to more efficiently manage the scarce water resources.


Learning Objectives:

  •  Introduction, Jordan’s water situation.
  •  Introduction to water efficiency and water reuse.
  •  Water auditing: water balance, water use efficiency calculations, quantification
  •  Building rating systems, green guidelines, standards and codes related to water use efficiency.
  •  Water use efficiency technologies.
  •  Water use efficiency at the industrial, commercial and utility levels.
  •  Wastewater management and solutions for more efficient water use and water efficiency measures.
  •  Early design measures to optimize water efficiency.