LEED: Understanding the Building Design + Construction LEED Rating System

Duration: 1 day – 7.5 hours

Pre-requisite: LEED: Core Concepts & Strategies

This course introduces the credit intents, key elements, main requirements, and reference standards of the Green Building Design and Construction (BD+C) LEED rating systems.

Workshop participants will gain a solid understanding of the core concepts and strategies of the following LEED rating systems: New Construction & Major Renovations (NC); Core & Shell (CS); and Schools –supporting successful green construction projects.

Led by official USGBC LEED Faculty, who are LEED and facilitation experts, this workshop provides an understanding of the scope of the LEED BD+C rating system family, covering the distinctive aspects of each rating system within it.


Learning Objectives:

  •  Recognize the unique aspects of the BD+C and the differences between each rating system.
  •  Identify the minimum program requirements for BD+C.
  • Describe the goal, intent, and requirements.
  •  Identify synergies between BD+C credits.
  • Plan for key considerations and requirements for the LEED Certification Process. This course will provide you with 7.5 CE hours.