Dr. Bassam Al Zoubi | Board Member

Dr. Bassam Al-Zoubi holds a doctorate in law. He is a writer and economic analyst on local, Arab, and international affairs. He is a writer for many local and Arab newspapers, magazines, and websites, and is a certified economic analyst for a group of Arab and international local and satellite television channels, in addition to many radio stations.

Dr. Bassam is a media and economic consultant, and has companies specialized in media and marketing consulting in Jordan since 2005, and in London since 2012. He is the publisher, editor-in-chief and general manager of (Jordan Land Economic Magazine) in Jordan since 2005, and publisher and General Manager of (Arabian Lands Economic Magazine). ) in Britain since 2012. He writes a weekly article in the economic section of the Jordanian Al-Rai newspaper, on the Ammon news website, and on the Jordanland Economic Magazine website.

Dr. Bassam also works as a trainer for students in the faculties of journalism, media and public relations. On editorial affairs, specialized publishing, marketing and sales in the media field, management of media institutions, and others. He also trained officials and dignitaries to speak to the media, conduct television and studio interviews, and face the camera in the field.

He is a consultant in the fields of economics, investment, business development, and pioneering and emerging companies for many companies in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. He has extensive media activity at the regional and global levels. Through his participation in major international, local and Arab economic occasions and events. He is a member of many specialized associations and voluntary and charitable institutions.