Energy Efficient Building Course Development

Description of the Project:

The Energy Efficiency in Buildings course was developed in collaboration with MED-ENEC.

MED-ENEC has assigned an expert to develop the training material and training course on Energy Efficiency in Buildings in cooperation with the Jordan GBC. The aim of the Energy Efficiency in Buildings course is to gain a greater and deeper understanding of how a building's thermal performance is. The course deals with topics related to building technology methods, how the building, its structure and its external envelope affect the energy consumption of the building and what are the best ways to improve the energy performance of the building, through changes in the building envelope.

To reach this level of knowledge, a high understanding of building physics is part of the course, in addition to having various models for evaluating energy performance. The course also presents a set of standards and classifications for the green buildings, for example, the Jordanian Green Building Guidelines and the LEED Building Rating Tool, to identify the different options for improving the energy performance of buildings.

During the project duration, the Jordan GBC offered a course on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Basic and Advanced Levels) for the equivalent of 1,000 trainees of engineers and workers in the engineering sector.


Funding Body:

  • European Union (EU)

Project Duration:

  •  July 2013 – July 2014

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