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The impact we have on the environment today is making a big difference in our community. It is making an impact right now in a lot of places. It is our responsibility to care for our planet and ensure our future well-being. Jordan Green Building Council gives you the opportunity to be part of this movement by being a member, a sponsor or a volunteer!

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The Green Affordable Homes

Request for Quotation 


The Green Affordable Homes is one of the main projects Jordan GBC is working on in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity and Moving Energy Initiative, the ongoing part of the project includes retrofitting 40 homes in 4 different areas in Jordan: Ajloun, Deir Alla, Al Masharea’ and Ghor Al Safi.
Implementation for green retrofitting will be conducted for 10 homes in each area at a time. At this phase we are requesting quotes for the following items with the specifications and quantities with the selection criteria in the below link:


• Waterproofing Material
• Wall paint
• Aluminium doors & windows
Note: for windows and doors, please include the U-value in the offers, you can provide more than one option considering u-value and price

Expected time of delivery for this phase is Feb 4th, 2018

Interested vendors, please send your quotes including time of delivery and price (with implementation except for the wall paint)
By Jan 17th, 2018 to this email:

Please note that this is phase 1 (for 10 homes out of 40) if selected vendors successfully complete phase 1 the opportunity to supply for the other 30 homes will be awarded.