Environmental Festival

Jordan GBC celebrate environmental days in Schools and includes the following activities:

  1. 90 students will be divided into 8 groups
  2. 8 lines will be drawn on the ground of the hall to divide the 8 groups
  3. Each line will contain one game / activity to engage the students with
  4. Each group will pass each game and the results announced for the “Competition”
  5. We will design 8 games as following :
    • Puzzle: A puzzle will be customized with an environmental theme with Jordan GBC logo, Size: 2m*1m
    • Energy: Tips will be given to students on how to save energy, stickers to be distributed and hanged on walls
    • Water: Tips will be given to students on how to save water, Save the water pot game
    • Cleaning: Tips will be given to students on how to keep your environment green, Ahel al Balad T-shirts will be distributed, 10 min. cleaning the school
    • Recycling: Tips will be given to students about recycling, bottle caps prepared to make an art piece
    • Box game: Questions and answers game
    • Flag: Make a flag with straws and environment day logo
    • Tree: Help the tree to be alive, each student will write a tip on a leaf to hang it on the tree
  6. Educationally a videos will be viewed for the students ( 6 minutes)
  7. Face painting activities station will be there with environmental theme for them to go home with and show their parents
  8. Trophies will be provided to school for participation in Festival Day
  9. A cup will be given to the best team for the competition
  10. Promotion on social media will be handled as part of the JGBC coordination efforts
  11. Press releases will be published after the event for media coverage to be handled by JGBC
  12. Snacks for students and refreshments will be handed out