We Smart

A USAID funded project started in 2012, Jordan Green Building Council started leading awareness campaigns about proper insulation and solar water heaters, represented by specialized workshops and multiple awareness symposiums which targeted Engineers, decision-makers and owners of the buildings, these lectures attracted many various public and private parties. JordanGBC has trained nearly 1,500 engineers, contractors and building owners, and even those who are interested from university and schools students.

This success has brought the creation of a website related to the project. JordanGBC has also created an official Facebook page in order to keep connected with those who are interested from all ages and groups. In addition to the distribution of many of the publications to many public and private agencies, and individuals through exhibitions.

As a result of the increased number of questions and inquiries about thermal insulation and solar water heater , GBC has established a direct line to be able to answer as many as possible of the questions and the inquires , and to deliver as much information and serve the citizens regarding the issues of thermal insulation and solar water heaters system. In light of the urgent need of saving water and energy which stems from the sharp rise of energy costs , and the society needs to be environment-friendly society that tends to use renewable energy as a main source of energy.

One of the main outputs of the project was the design and development of electronic calculator, the first of its kind in the Middle East , which calculates and provide the specific amount of provision that results from the thermal insulation and the amount of the wasted water when the installation and the solar heater is used incorrectly. The electronic calculator is now available to be used by specialist and even people who are willing to buy or build a house through the aforementioned website.