Solid Waste Management Center of Excellence

Jordan Green Building Council aims to facilitate the development of a comprehensive, integrated training of solid waste management that helps enhancing professionalism and capabilities of professionals by introducing new international certification targeting an intact sector; achieving the highest standards of excellence for practice, competence and conduct in waste management.

The objectives of this project:

  • Introducing the first Waste Management certification in Jordan
  • Supporting and encouraging public and private partnerships in meeting solid waste management needs.
  • Empowering a nucleus of sector champions (cross sector, public, private, etc.) to develop the seeds of sector transformation.
  • Create a pool of experts

The long-term objective of the project is to make Jordan GBC the local solid waste management center of excellence that aims at bridging the gap between the market’s needs and the job skills available at the solid waste sector, which will create synergy, and coordinate ongoing activities and programs in the field of solid waste management in Jordan and within the region (KSA, Lebanon, Qatar, ..etc.).

Jordan Green Building Council contacted ISWA (International Solid Waste Association)  to introduce their Waste Manager certifications to the Jordanian market.

ISWA is a non-governmental, independent and non-profit association by statutes and follows the mission statement to promote and develop professional waste management worldwide as a contribution to sustainable development.

ISWA’s objective is the worldwide exchange of information and experience on all aspects of waste management. The association promotes the adoption of acceptable systems of professional waste management and of public cleansing through technological development and improvement of practices for the protection of human life, health and the environment as well as the conservation of materials and energy resources.