Khadra ya Bladi (Advocacy for Forests)

In 2012 Jordan Green building council worked in collaboration with the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature on the project ,that aims to protect the remaining forests and gain the support of decision-makers to take the measures necessary to do so, and community awareness of the importance of the protection of the forests and to involve them in management, and in this phase of the project has been held a series of workshops awareness about forestry sector and forest in Jordan, both technical and legal aspects, at the beginning of a series of workshops were held, the first workshop held under the auspices of HRH Princess Basma bnt Ali, with environmental associations in Jordan and aimed to raise awareness of the concepts of technical and legal conditions of the forests in the Kingdom and the presence of A number of members of the local community and interested parties in this regard.

A series of workshops were held in the provinces concerned in this regard, where a workshop held in Salt University of Balqa Applied in the College of Agriculture in the presence of a number of experts and specialists in this regard, in addition to the presence of a number of government officials and students of the College of Agriculture and as the local community attended in Salt. It is then followed by a workshop in Shobak Brigade south of the Kingdom in Shobak University College of the College of Agriculture, attended by mayors and decision-makers interested in the affairs of the environment and forests from the southern governorates.

In the final phase of this project was to advocate for a separate draft forestry law was written by the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO, it was offered for discussion with decision-makers, and presented to the House of Representatives to approve the law and follow-up application.