The Green Affordable Homes Project

At the Jordan GBC we believe that improving building performance does not always have to mean high initial costs nor does it mean that a building has to be high-tech. Sun and wind are free resources; passive techniques and simple design considerations with a marginal additional initial cost can make a huge difference.

For the Jordan GBC to fulfil a part of its mission which is to promote and advocate the adoption of Green Building Practices in all phases of the building process, leading towards making Green Buildings a widespread reality in Jordan, it embarked on this focus on inclusivity. Jordan GBC collaborated with Habitat for Humanity Jordan to start the green affordable homes project in order to provide low-income families of society in Jordan with safe, ecofriendly and affordable homes, while raising environmental awareness, occupant comfort, lowering operating expenses through convincing building owners to make the switch and through training local builders on how to apply green techniques and materials to help greening the local market as well.

Our first pilot green affordable home project was implemented in 2015 through voluntary work from Jordan GBC and Habitat for Humanity volunteers. One year later, our impact assessment showed that 5 other families in the same area had adopted our approach and built their homes based on the green affordable home design and construction techniques we provided. And more homeowners are contacting us through their CBOs to request site inspection visits and green recommendations.

We are now scaling up the project with Energy For Impact, to build 5 new green affordable homes and retrofit 40 existing homes, in Ajloun, Deir Alla, Ghour Al Safi, Al Masharea’ and Al Salt , this ongoing project also includes awareness raising sessions for local communities in these areas, in addition to build technical capacities for local builders while ensuring inclusivity through conducting the training for technical builders of different nationalities and backgrounds to create more cohesion between refugees and host communities in Jordan.

We welcome and appreciate any kind of cooperation and support to help us achieving our goal of making the green affordable homes a widespread reality in all areas of Jordan and even in the region.