Affordable Green Housing

The Affordable Green Houses Project in Aqraba, North Jordan…
A project aiming to make green efficient affordable houses available for everyone especially the people who can’t afford to own or build a house, or even for people who have no possibility to have a house within their capabilities . It is a part of the green movement, and a bigger part of our duty in supporting society and supporting rights in proper living.

This project was in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Energy for Impact.


Low income housing situation was one of the areas worst affected by refugee settlement in Jordan, and therefore it is very important to improve building performance in order to reduce water and energy demands and consumption. by considering passive design strategies which don’t have additional initial cost.


Jordan Green Building council launched the Green Affordable Housing pilot project in August 2014. The project was inspired by a workshop in collaboration with habitat for humanity conducted by Jordan GBC. Hosting 19 registered attendees from community based organizations around Jordan operating in rural areas with an interest in satisfying the most essential need of human’s existence according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and that is shelter. Coming from that belief, and as part of our mission which is to promote and advocate the adoption of Green Building Practices in all phases of the building process, leading towards making Green Buildings a widespread reality in Jordan through serving a need. Jordan GBC collaborated with habitat for humanity to take the initiative of starting the project resulting into providing underprivileged members of society in the governants of Jordan with a safe , warm home that is ecofriendly and affordable through considering passive design strategies which don’t have additional initial cost.



The Green Affordable Housing project aims to raise awareness and promote a shift in the miss conception regarding affordable housing being poor quality homes into implanting a new thought about green affordable houses being healthy, high quality, energy /water efficient and feasible homes. As well as breaking the barriers to entering the green affordable housing market due to traditional mind sets and encouraging people to take the initiative of making their own homes being fairly a simple process that will give you future comfort in low prices and most importantly eco-friendly . This project’s main goal is meant to enable people, especially low-income groups, to access adequate green housing. Furthermore, delivering the green building concept and strategy bringing the sustainable approach to local communities.

In 2015 the first project was implemented in Aqraba, impact assessment shows that 5 other people in the same area adapted and implemented the idea of the green affordable housing after they could see a difference in energy savings and comfort in their neighbor’s house