Signature Ceremony between MESIA and Jordan GBC


MESIA (Middle East Solar Industry Association) and Jordan GBC  officially joined hands to enhance Renewable Energy use in the region.

The official signing ceremony was organized to seal the Inter-Association Mutual Cooperative Agreement and took place on Wednesday 20 January, during the World Future Energy Summit 2016. Imtiaz Mahtab, President of MESIA and Abdullah Bdeir, Chairman of Jordan GBC, agreed to support each other promoting the use of Renewable Energy and engage in scientific cooperation. MESIA and Jordan GBC will work hand in hand to coordinate activities, trade missions, events or advocacy to promote the inter-wined green building and solar energy mindset in the regional market. This will be done in the interest of each organization’s members and partners.

The timing of this agreement is ideal. According to MESIA Report 2016, “Jordan has recently been looking at increasing its share of renewableS to 10% by 2020, which includes a goal of reaching 600 MW of solar PV. After the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the French Development Agency have approved financing, Jordan will be able to increase its power transmission capabilities via the so-called Green Corridor project. Phase 1 will bring 650 MW of transmission capacity in 2018, while Phase 2 will add 1,500MW of transmission capacity by 2020.