Northern Cement

Northern Cement

Northern Cement Company
Key Services: Portland cement, Portland pozzolana
cement and plaster finish coat, a polymer modified
cement plaster; and plaster rush coat and render,
a customized cement plaster used for internal or
external masonry blocks and concrete walls.
Contact Information:
Building 64. Al Sharif Hussein Bin Ali Street Jabal
Al Weibdeh Amman, Jordan.
Phone: (06) 565 0777

After a Jordanian market study concentrating on construction sector, Northern Cement Company was established in early 2007, and transferred to public share holding company during 2010 with a capital of 90 million Dollars to provide high quality products according to the highest specifications and technical standards.

Thay have worked on local community services by finding job vacancies, donations to schools, Mosques and Houses, in addition to educational financing to some of the local community.


Northern Cement main objective is to cover the market demand and improve the cement production sector by creating a healthy environment, avoiding pollution, creating new cement market competition, and supplying our highest quality of cement. In September 2009, Northern Cement started producing all types of cement according to market demands and standards.