Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) was established through decree of the council of ministers on 12 June, 2003 to legally replace the Jordan Export Development and Commercial Centers Corporation.

Stemming from the Government’s keenness on raising the competitiveness and pace of development that enterprises and economic projects were undergoing, Jordan’s Upgrading and Modernization Programme (JUMP) and the Euro-Jordanian Export Programme (EJEP) were integrated with JEDCO in 2006, thus providing complete and integrated services to beneficiaries. This was a milestone activity aimed at facilitating enterprise modernization; development of their efficiency and capacity, therefore, enabling them to maximize the benefits of economic and trade agreements signed by Jordan, and enabling them to face the challenges of globalization and the penetration of non-traditional markets.

JEDCO is overseen by a Steering Committee headed by H.E. Minister of Industry and Trade and is equally comprised of representatives from both the public and private sectors.


Become the Organization most recognised for increasing enterprise exports and substituting imports with equivalent or better local products and services.


The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation was established and mandated to support the establishment and development of enterprises to become globally competitive.

Core Values

Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation has unwavering belief that the following values are core to its existence:

1. Entrepreneurship and innovation are cornerstones of National economic development

2. Jordan has the necessary capability to export globally competitive and unique products and services of substantially high quality

3. Production and export of quality products and services are the basis to sustainable enterprise development and substantial growth

4. Efficient, transparent and effective operations and established success stories lead to improved interaction with sources of support

JEDCO’s Strategic Values

With a clear dedication to the enhancement of the Jordanian Economy, Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation strategic values are:

· Increase the competitiveness of the SMEs in industrial, services and agriculture sectors.

· Participate in the development of the National Export.

· Develop and support the entrepreneurship and innovation.

· Identify and manage the sources of fund.