Izzat Marji Group

Izzat Marji Group

Established in 1985 by Izzat Marji, the Group began as a small private company selling central heating systems and accessories. Today, it is considered as one of Jordan’s top providers of heating and cooling systems, sanitary ware, kitchen sinks, power tools, and Renewable Energy solutions (Solar Thermal and Solar PV), with more than 40 international brands under its portfolio.

For the past three decades, Izzat Marji Group’s top priority has been to effectively serve customers by delivering premium products, carrying out proper installation and offering reliable services and unparalleled expertise. Through its four strategically-located showrooms in Amman serving as one-stop-shops for commercial and residential customers, Izzat Marji Group to a broad client base that comprises electromechanical contracting companies, hotels, industries, hospitals and households, among others.

Izzat Marji Group invests heavily in its human resources, and has established a qualified and knowledgeable team that specializes in different areas of expertise to offer top-notch, innovative service solutions to customers.

Izzat Marji Group’s Executive Management team looks towards vertically expanding the business through product line diversification and value added services, as well as horizontally expanding through the penetration of new markets such as Aqaba by opening a new branch, with the help of extensive core competencies and expertise.

Izzat Marji Group’s strategy focuses on organizing its internal processes, by increasing company’s effectiveness, getting ISO 9001 certificate, participating in KAA and conducting the corporate governance project.

It is also worth mentioning the establishment of a contracting arm to handle contracting jobs, in addition to the establishment of the Head Quarters with state of the art Green Building and first of its kind in Jordan by an area of 8600 m2 with photovoltaic cells that will generate the energy for the whole building. Last but not least, the accomplishment of a centralized warehouse of area 5000 m2.