ETA-Max Energy and Environmental solutions

ETA-Max Energy and Environmental solutions

(ETA) is the Greek letter used for efficiency in scientific and engineering literature. Efficiency is generally defined as the useful output compared to the input. The choice of this letter for the identity of our firm reflects our vision in realizing a highly efficient and sustainable way of life. At ETA-max, we design, develop, and deliver innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that get results: cutting energy costs, decreasing carbon footprints, and improving the comfort and health of people. At ETA-max, we bring our experience, expertise, creativity and commitment not only to achieve our clients’ goals, but also to exceed their expectations through self-set standards of professional services. We always aim to build and sustain genuine partnerships with our clients, associates, and colleagues to open the door for expanded opportunities for better services and continuous development.

ETA- max offers the following services:

  •         Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems.
  •         Energy Auditing
  •        Training


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