Eng. Nemer Al Bitar

Eng. Nemer Al Bitar

Bitar is an Architect and City Planner with vast experience in large-scale planning projects and in architectural design at different levels including large building complexes, tourism projects, commercial complexes, educational facilities, health care facilities, residential buildings, interior design projects and landscape.

Bitar shared in many local and international prize-winning architectural competitions and has remarkable talents in generation of architectural design concepts. Bitar has wide experience in supervising both buildings and interior design projects. He has developed exceptional expertise in Construction Management both on academic and practical levels. Moreover, he worked on large planning schemes utilizing his exceptional knowledge in urban design. His work as team leader along with talented professionals at Bitar Consultants- specially his architect brother Bashar, has given him the chance to undertake many worldwide recognized projects; for example, the Petra Gateway Project which started as an international competition financed and managed by the World Bank and grew to become a world class project joint venturing with the internationally renowned Edward Cullinan Architects of London. He played a major role in The Third Tourism Project to regenerate the historic cores of Salt, Madaba and Karak; another important project managed and financed by the World Bank and Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Nemer and his 100 architects, engineers and technicians at Bitar Consultants, have excellent achievements on a professional level, they managed to win The Consultant of the Year Prize in Jordan for three years (1999, 2005 and 2008) since the establishment of the prize -this prize is managed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and considered to be the highest architectural achievement at country level. Bitar Consultants under the leadership of Nemer won the Greater Amman Municipalities’ Prize in the first year of its establishment in 2008. Bitar has teaching experience in Department of Architecture in the Jordan University and currently a visiting juror in many Jordanian Universities.

Having graduated from Ohio State University, 24 years ago with dual Master Degrees in Architecture and City & Regional Planning, with advanced courses in solar energy; Bitar has continuously focused on issues related to environment. He was always a great supporter to all initiatives related to Green both in theory and in practice Bitar has served as the chairman of Jordan Architectural Society for four years, and was elected in the board committee of the same organization for another four years. He also believe in the none profit organizational professional work, since he was elected as a member in the architectural chapter at the Jordanian Engineering Association for eight executive years and then served in the centralized steering committee for another six years. Nemer Bitar was the chair in the committee that arranged for two of the most successful architectural conferences in Jordan one dealt with the concept of the identity in architecture and the other was entitled architecture, sustainability and the environment.

Bitar was recently elected vice president of the Arab Architects Commission operating from Beirut to represent Jordanian architects in this important organization.

Bitar is a board member in the Architecture and Engineering Business Council of Jordan serving the professional interests of a group of the top architectural and engineering firms in Jordan. Enthusiasm about environment and green concepts has always inspired Bitar to join others in the struggle to make green advancements and advocate clean environment.