Consolidated Consultants, Engineering

Consolidated Consultants, Engineering

Integrated Architectural & Engineering Services

Consolidated Consultants Group (CCG) is a multidisciplinary engineering firm providing integrated services in the areas of Architectural & Engineering Design, Management Services and Specialized Studies. Our vast experience and broad exposure in terms of scope of projects, array of clients and working environments makes us a leading Engineering consulting firm across Arabia, Africa, Central Asia and beyond. Our teams of specialized experts and fresh minds working alongside one another perform seamlessly to provide quality services and innovative solutions.


Cornerstone of Consolidated Consultants Group

Our success is based on a commitment to finding and implementing innovative solutions that create long-term partnerships with customers, agencies and the communities we work in. To maintain the level of success we have enjoyed for more than five decades, we abide by our corporate operational values, including environmentally conscientious and culturally relevant designs.


Engineered for Success

Firmly established in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, Consolidated Consultants Group now has more than 500 qualified engineers, designers, architects, project managers and support staff employed at operating locations around the world. Our work with leading international funding agencies, local contractors and global development organizations has cemented our reputation as a world-class engineering and consulting firm.


Built on Solid Foundations

Constructed on the same philosophies we use in our design and engineering work, our story began in the 1960s. Our founding members, operating individually in different sectors of the industry, saw the need for a comprehensive engineering and consulting firm in the Middle East. We continued to assess the opportunities and available resources as we grew, and restructured the firm in 1993 by consolidating some of the major Jordanian consultancy firms and a number of outstanding individuals. All along the way we have continued to build on these solid foundations and resources, expanding Consolidated Consultants Group into a complete circle of design and engineering services working on the international stage.


Certified Excellence

As part of our adherence to international engineering standards and best practices, all CCG projects are undertaken and completed in compliance with the most recent Integrated Management System (IMS) and its accompanying ISO standards. We currently hold to the following certificates: ISO standard 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 18001:2007; and EFQM Excellence Model.