Bitar Consultants

Bitar Consultants

Bitar Consultants (BC) is a Jordanian consulting firm with over six decades of experience; we are specialized in planning design, supervision and administration in engineering projects. The firm is classified by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing to be in The First Grade Class A (highest rank) for the branch of building consultation.


BC has won the Ministry of Public Works and Housing prize for consultancy works (The Consultant of the Year) four times , in  1999 , 2005 , 2008 and 2010, namely ; Jordan Islamic Bank Commercial Centre in Amman, Petra Gateway (Visitor Center) , the Third Tourism Project (Salt and Madaba) and the Public Library in Aqaba. Bitar Consultants track record is a testimony for the recognition and exposure the firm has achieved, allowing it to perform and compete on the international level, projects and competitions spread over Palestine, Syria, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.


The integration of sustainable building ideas has long been an integral part of BC’s design distinction. Our carefully designed buildings provide a superior environment for the occupants as well as a better long-term contribution to the surrounding environment. BC demonstrates thorough understanding and implementation of Green building practices and principals through its established Green Building Unit.


Bitar Consultant’s Green Services

  • Green Building Solutions
  • Green Building Design: Planning and Strategy, Low Energy Architecture, Green Interior Architecture
  • Rehabilitation and Greening of Existing Buildings
  • Green Building Accreditation Consultancy
  • Green Building Project Management


  • Building Envelope Consulting Services
    • Building Envelope Design
    • Infrared Envelope Energy Performance Testing


  • Energy Efficiency Solutions:
    • Strategic Energy Managers – Clients Consultant for Creating Comprehensive Energy Plan
    • High Efficiency Mechanical and Electrical Designs


  • Water Efficiency Solutions:
    • Efficient Water System Design
    • Waste Water Management


  • Sustainable Solutions:
    • Sustainable Landscape Design
    • Sustainable Urban Planning & Development
    • Environmental Studies


BC’s Services

BC‘s spectrum of services includes planning, design, supervision, construction management, and project management in the following disciplines:

  • Green Building Services
  • Sustainable Urban Planning
  • Sustainable Master Planning
  • Design and Supervision
  • Architecture
  • Renovation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electricl Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Conservation
  • Environmental Studies
  • Land Survey


In addition, the firm offers services in real estate assessment & evaluation and IT networking services.


Street: 130 AlMu’tasem Street, 2nd Circle, Jabal Amman

Postcode: P.O.Box 962070, Amman 11196 Jordan

City: Amman

Country: Jordan

Phone: +962 6 4613198

Fax: +962 6 4655390