Ayla Construction Chemicals LTD (DCP)

Ayla Construction Chemicals LTD (DCP)

Don Construction Products (DCP) has more than 85 years of experience in servicing the construction industry as well as being a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing added-value advanced technology products for professional customers in the construction industry and building maintenance.

The primary function of the company is served by a number of operating units that manufacture and trade construction chemical products backed by unparalleled technical know-how. Experienced professional support engineers that provide services for designers, consultants and contractors alike, as well as providing a network of professional specialized applicators.

DCP takes pride in its professional technical support experts and its R&D facilities, its spread in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia with 14 manufacturing locations and a distribution network to cover 25 countries allows it to tackle and produce products that are suitable for different environments and climatic conditions, all of which supports its customer centric ideology.

All manufacturing sites comply with ISO 9000 quality standards and are committed to operate with no harm to the environment.

A wide range of construction chemical products are manufactured by DCP which include:

– Concrete admixtures.

– Surface treatments

– Grouts and anchors.

– Concrete repair.

– Flooring systems.

– Protective coatings.

– Sealants and joints.

– Waterproofing.

– Adhesives.

– Tile adhesives and grouts.

– Building products.

– Structural strengthening.