AWJ-engineering LLC established as a professional engineering consulting firm, based in Jordan, specializing in buildings with focusing in green building.

Drawing on our substantial local and international experience, we implement through development the project specifications, combined with construction management of the project; we aim to deliver the highest standards of service to a wide and varied client base in the globe.

The company provides consulting services, engineering design, medical architecture planning, construction management and interior design with a unique character and sense of place of each project. The specialist services were in hotels, healthcare, education and residential projects to a select group of clients for new facilities and renovations with all sectors in a diverse range of markets, at every stage, from initial concept to completion.

We strive to balance between design and our economic, social and environmental responsibilities. Providing greater value for clients through green impact that enhance a building’s overall performance while improving comfort; indoor air; energy, water and materials efficiency

Awj’s target is sustainable service, better project management and high level of design.


Our vision

Generate value for our clients and reduce the negative environmental impact

Our mission is to provide engineering tools for coming renaissance in healthy, comfort living, stop participation in the poisonous ruin of our bodies and our earth.


Making social, environmental and economical impact on our communities


Our services:

  1. Engineering design
  2. Green design
  3. Engineering consulting services,
  4. Investment planning,
  5. Healthcare architectural planning,
  6. Rehabilitation building – design and build.
  7. Interior Design
  8. Project management