Board Members

Abdullah BdeirThe Chairman

In addition to his role as Chairman of the Middle East North Africa Green Building council network of 15 member countries as well as a chairman and founding member of the Jordan Green Building Council, heading the Technical committee of the council, Mr. Bdeir has seen his career converging to the necessity of advocating sustainability speaking at the Abu Dhabi Concentrated Solar Power conference, the Bahrain affordable sustainable housing, Doha district cooling conference and sustainable green building technologies in Dubai

Mr. Bdeir is now the Director of Business Development at Arab Technical Construction Co, recently completing the local landmark “Abdoun Bridge” and the engineering feat of the synchrotron.

Mr. Bdeir started his operations career in the USA before moving to Amman and handling the technical and operational management of the local Mitsubishi Motors dealership. Later on Mr. Bdeir left to Canada to complete his Graduate studies and further broadening his operational experience by working in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing area, Mr. Bdeir returned to Amman to take on the role of Executive Manager of Steel Buildings Co.

At the Jordan Green Building Council Mr. Bdeir had a leading role in the following:

  • The “LEED Gap analysis” publication the first in its kind in the world to look at local contingencies and building codes versus the LEED pre-requisites and credits
  • The simplified mini check list rating scheme focused on the real estate developers sector as an entry point to the built environment for the mainstream in Jordan
  • Leading role in the Green Schools initiative involving major schools in Amman to pioneer the early education sector in the region
  • Leading role in the Green Academy initiative with the foundation blocks being set
  • Part of the PAP USAID task force which is being extended as well as communal waste management projects
  • Head of the Technical Development committee and Active part of the knowledge committee
  • Streamlining the process for adding new members by focusing on the member needs
  • Leading role in the fundraising team for the council such as the mobile application, the green academy, etc. and Leading role in donor proposal review
  • Active role in pushing the green affordable housing initiative forward in Jordan and across the MENA region


Dr. Ismaiel AL-HintyVice Chairman

Dr. Ismael Al-Hinti is a Professor, a passionate educator, an entrepreneur, and a recognised energy expert. He combines eighteen years of academic research and teaching experience, with an exceptional industrial and business track record.

Dr. Al-Hinti received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 from Queen’s University Belfast, UK. His Ph.D. research was supported by Ford Motor Company, and later received a research grant from General Motors for his post-Doctoral research at the same university. In 2003 he joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Hashemite University and later served as Head of the Department during the period between 2006 and 2008. In 2011 he joined the School of Applied Technical Sciences at the German Jordanian University as an Associate Professor. Beside his rich academic experience, Dr. Al-Hinti is also a renowned expert and national leader in the fields of in energy management, energy auditing, measurement & verification, and renewable energy applications. He authored/co-authored 35 research papers in international energy journals, which were cited over 800 times. In 2011, he founded ETA-max Energy & Environmental Solutions, a leading energy services company specialized in energy auditing and solar photovoltaic systems. In addition, he has a proven track record for developing and conducting capacity building and training programs in energy management and renewable energy for high profile regional clients, and is an authorized trainer by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for its CEM, CMVP, BEP courses and examinations. In 2016, Dr. Al-Hinti received special recognition from the AEE as a “Legend in Energy”.

Omar TahboubSecretary

Investor in the housing sector, O. Tahboub works at Tahboub Housing Company as a manager. He seeks to put his experience and his efforts to support green building concept through his candidacy in the decision-making process for the next level in order to serve a Jordan Green Building council message for sustainable environment. Tahboub participated in several voluntary activities and initiatives in Jordan Green building Council, and the last one is to contribute to the preparation and development of a checklist for residential buildings, he has also founded Our idea is green (Fekretna Khadra) initiative, which provides the opportunity for students of Jordanian universities to show their creativity in the field of environmental, sustainable work, professional manner of high-level enable them to gain experience process in the field of sustainability and rehabilitation of post-graduate.

Abeer JabajiTreasurer

An Agriculture Engineer /Landscaper and an Environmentalist who worked in the fields of Horticulture and Landscaping for the past sixteen years in Jordan and the Middle East. She also worked in the fields of cut flowers and the production of organic vegetables and plants. She is a consultant on native and drought tolerant plants, energy and water saving issues and matters relating to the built environment. She also provides consultation on sustainability and urban agriculture, among her achievements are designing and executing many landscaping jobs in Jordan in addition to many prestigious private residences, villas and public parks around Amman. Furthermore A. Jabaji is working in the Green Roof and Living Walls technology. She is a member of the Agriculture Labor Union, member of the Urban Agriculture Office/GAM, member of the American University of Beirut ALUMNI Club and board member of the Jordan Green Building Council.

Dr. Adel AssafBoard Member

Dr Adel Al-Assaf  is a Consultant Engineer and an Assistant Professor. He received his PhD from Washington State University and then worked in the Engineering Consultant field. He was also offered a position as an Assistant Professor at the Middle East University.


Al-Assaf joined the Jordan GBC at early stage of establishment. He was one of the Jordan GBC Founding Team, and then he was elected as a Board Member for two consecutive rounds. During his voluntary work with the Council, he led several activities, especially, in the Knowledge/Education Committee: He organized several courses, prepared capacity building programs, steered several taskforces and helped in instituting the strategy of the committee. Currently he is working on establishing a new committee for Green Infrastructure.

Maysoun KhraisatBoard Member

Ms. Al-Khuraissat is the founder of the recently established startup “adaa, sustainable Development consultants” and the winner of Women Innovators in Charge Competition- 2016 Green Tech Sector.  Ms. Al-Khuraissat is an Accredited Professional Architect with a specialty in Sustainability and Green Design.

She has a master degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Jordan. She has over 15 years of international experience in sustainability, Green Building and architecture. Her work exceeds regular designs to providing Green Designs and assessments for buildings in the Energy Efficiency, Performance Optimization, and Sustainability areas.

She is a leader in the Green movement in Jordan and one of a group working hard to create a more sustainable and energy- independent Jordan. She is a strong believer in voluntary work and currently serves on the board of directors at the Jordan Green Building Council and at the education committee.

She was involved in many international design projects in the US and the Middle East with a focus on energy efficient buildings, environmental design, and construction technology and community advocacy in sustainability issues. She is also a trained instructor, where she conducted many Green Building workshops and developed sustainability courses and research in the subject area.

She is based now in Amman, as a senior sustainability consultant at her startupadaa, sustainable development consultants.

Raouf DabbasBoard Member

The Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Environment since 2007. Starting 2003 he was employed as the Environmental Advisor to the Prime- Minister responsible for following up issues related to the environment and representing Jordan during the High Level environmental meetings.

Dabbas has also been actively involved in environmental non-governmental organizations NGOs since 1994. He was a founding member in several NGOs and an active member in others. As the president of the NGO the Friends of Environment Society for 10 years he was an environmental lobbyist and activist, he participated in many international forums such as the FOA Summit in 2001 as the representative of West Asia NGOs and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002 including many meetings he attended at the UN, UNEP and UNIDO Head Quarter offices.

Amjad AlqamBoard Member

Eng. Amjad Alkam has a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Jordan (1993). He is currently a board member of JGBC and a managing partner at Eco Engineering & Energy Solutions in Jordan (EcoSol). He has 24 years of experience in Energy Management and Green Buildings and was engaged in many projects of this kind in Jordan and the region. Eng. Amjad managed to achieve LEED Green Building Certification for several projects in Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Egypt.

Eng. Amjad has long experience and knowledge of the Jordanian and regional green buildings’ initiative and progress. He was active in several seminars and activities to increase awareness about sustainable or green buildings and energy efficiency in Jordan and Middle East. He has a substantial knowledge of the Jordanian energy sector, including its laws and regulations, local financial schemes and key stakeholders. He has conducted and managed hundreds of energy auditing and energy saving programs in all sectors in Jordan and the region. Having over 20 years of experience in electrical engineering and energy management, he was involved in many assignments and projects relevant to this project subject. He was the leader of local support team worked with international consultants on Jordan Energy Strategy and Master Plan in 2004, with a focus on the Demand Side Management, energy efficiency and renewable energy parts of the strategy. He was part of the team who conducted the first complete Technical and Feasibility Study for Wind Energy in Jordan that included fifteen sites all over Jordan (2005).

Eng. Amjad worked with MEMR, NEPCO, JEPCO, IDECO, EDCO, former CEGCO (Kingdom Electricity), EMRC, JPR, RSS, NERC, and other Jordanian Electricity and Energy Stakeholders on several previous projects, which provided him with excellent background and knowledge of the Jordanian Energy Sector. Eng. Amjad is a member of Jordanian Engineers Association and a previous Board Member at the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certification Board in the United States representing Jordan. He is a founding member and the current president of the AEE chapter in Jordan. Eng. Amjad was selected by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) to be the Certification Administrator for AEE in Jordan and as an Energy Efficiency Trainer for Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP) courses offered by the AEE worldwide. Mr. Alkam is also Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP).

Shifa KhatatbehBoard Member

Shifa’a Al-khatatbeh is an Energy Efficiency Manager who works with facilities owners and operators to help them cut their energy costs and gain international certificates in sustainability and green buildings.

Shifa’a believes that every citizen should take responsibility towards sustaining our earth and its resources so we can inherit a good legacy to our grandchildren.

Shifa’a has filled different positions through her career, starting from a design engineer for HVAC systems to be the head of projects design engineer, and then the Energy efficiency manager at Izzat Marji Group, She is also a Board member for Jordan Green Building Council.

Shifa’a is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP), and is also an authorized trainer from the association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for the (CEA) and (CLEP) programs.

Shifa’a holds a Bachelor degree in Mechatronics Engineering from University of Jordan.