About Us

The Jordan Green Building Council is a world leader non-profit, non-governmental and member based organization established in 2009- it is dedicated to:

1- Spreading awareness about green built environments.

2- Supporting and empowering actions and activities that help in building a green environment.

3- Developing and implementing green building policies and culture in Jordan.

Jordan GBC is an authorized representative member of the World Green Building Council and Vice Chair of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Green Building Council.


To increase and spread awareness about the green built environment, by encouraging the adoption of the green concepts and practices through planning, designing and developing the green built environment in Jordan


A healthy sustainable, and resource efficient environment that is affordable and available for all individuals and local communities.

Jordan GBC Executive team

  • Alaa’ Abdullah – Executive Director.
  • Hala Shouha – Green Academy Coordinator. 
  • Al-Montaserbellah Al-Ees – Marketing & Outreach Officer.
  • Diala Ghneim – Membership & Networking Officer.
  • Ahmad Al-Musa – Projects Coordinator.
  • Aya Rababa’a – Project Coordinator. 
  • Fadel Faisal – Accountant.

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