About Us

Jordan Green Building Council is a world leader NGO in the green buildings field established in 2009, an authorized representative board member of the World and MENA Green Building Councils, and a part of a network of 103 Green building councils around the world. Jordan GBC attained a remarkable success in gaining an advanced position contributing effectively through an affective activities and services as in depth benefits in spreading awareness about green built environment, and developing, implementing and disseminating green building policies and culture in Jordan.


To expand and increase the green built environment in Jordan by spreading the concept of green built environment, and encourage the adoption of green solutions and practices in respective of planning, design and development of buildings and cities, and enable individuals to have a sustainable and healthy environment.


A healthy sustainable, and a resources saving built environment affordable and available for all individuals and local communities.

Jordan GBC Executive team

  • Alaa’ Abdullah – Executive Director.
  • Hala Shouha – Green Academy Coordinator & Projects Coordinator.
  • Ahmad Al-Musa – Projects Coordinator.
  • Al-Montaserbellah Al-Ees – Marketing & Outreach.
  • Diala Ghneim – Membership & Networking.
  • Fadel Faisal – Accountant.

Our Latest Projects

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Civil society engagement through communal waste management schemes

Jordan Green building council (JordanGBC) is launching a pilot project to introduce a sorting and collecting solid waste management scheme…

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