About Us

Jordan Green Building Council is a cross-sector non-governmental not for profit organization founded in 2009 in Jordan – Amman reporting to both ministries of social development and of environment. Jordan GBC is part of World Green Building Council headquarters in Canada, we are one of 103 other councils around the world being part of the Mena-region and chairing it.


Promoting and advocating the adoption of Green Building Practices in all phases of the building process, leading towards making Green Buildings a widespread reality in Jordan.


To be recognized as the Reference for the Green Building ecosystem in Jordan while continuing global leadership.

Guiding Principles

  • Promote a culture of professionalism that acknowledges differences and builds upon commonalities.
  • Reach out to global responsibilities through local concerns.
  • Create and maintain an independent entity guided by high ethical standards with an ultimate goal of contributing to a sustainable way of living.
  • Follow a transparent approach that guarantees the participation and involvement of all our stakeholders.
  • Optimize the potential of all members through acknowledging the value of diversity and special skills.
  • Commit to serving the common cause while avoiding conflict of interest.

Core Values

It is our unwavering belief at the Jordan GBC that the following core values are fundamental to our existence:

  • The Green Built Environment has great positive impact on the quality of our life. It shall improve our cultural, social, environmental and economic state of affairs.
  • The involvement and contribution of all stakeholders in the construction and property industry is paramount to effectively ensuring that Green building practices are adopted.

Jordan GBC team Executive team

  • Ala’a Abdullah (Team Leader/Outreach Officer)
  • Bana Abu Yousef (Green Academy Coordinator)
  • Yasmin Wadi ( Membership & Networking officer ) / 079 580 68 98

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